Edge Vision AI E-100 Core Capabilities

Edge Vision AI E-100 is the best video analytic solution for harsh outdoor environments that require public & commercial space management or transportation & parking management. With pre-loaded video analytics, it’s easier to excel at and benefit from enterprise security, retail analytics, intersection safety, and parking services.

Additionally, having multiple video analytics at your fingertips in one AI Appliance can help reduce deployment costs while increasing overall operational efficiency.

Image of Edge Vision AI human and face detection identifying a person's face

Human & Face Detection

  • Ensure privacy while gaining deeper insight into new, returning, and repeat facility visitors with fast and accurate face, eyewear, and mask detection.
Image of Edge Vision AI face recognition identifying a person's face

Human Analytics

  • Grant area and scheduled access levels to employees and VIP visitors via lists. Create block lists for specific people and when unauthorized access attempts occur deliver notifications with perpetrator images to administration.
Image of Edge Vision AI demongraphic analytics function

Demographic Analytics

  • Unlock the next level in security or retail success by leveraging our gender, age, and clothing color analytics - all without compromising personal privacy.
Image of Edge Vision AI VIP and watchlists function

VIP & Watchlists

  • Get instant notifications and take action when people of interest arrive.
Image of Edge Vision AI people counting function

People Counting

  • Store Operation: Product display analysis and better staff allocation.
  • Safety: Control COVID-19 related and other space capacity limits.
Image of Edge Vision AI crowd detection function

Crowd Detection

  • Safety: Take responsive action by understanding crowd densities in lobbies, on station platforms, and other indoor spaces.
Image of edge vision AI intrusion detection function

Intrusion Detection

  • Security: Decrease response times by monitoring restricted areas and getting instant alerts.
Image ofEdge Vision AI line crossing detection function

Line Crossing Detection

  • Safety: Get alerts when platform or other dangerous lines are crossed.
  • Security: Immediately know when intrusions occur in a specific area.
Image of edge vision AI loitering detection function

Loitering Detection

  • Security: Detect and stop suspicious behavior when it occurs.
  • Safety: Get people the help they may need before it’s too late.
Image of Edge Vision AI direction detection function

Direction Detection

  • Planning & Management: Understand shopper paths and adjust floorplans for efficiency.
  • Security: Use direction violation detection to ensure the proper path is followed.
Image of Edge Vision AI vehicle detection function

Vehicle Detection

  • Enhance parking facility operations by understanding parking habits and showing drivers where to find open parking spaces.
Image of Edge Vision AI license plate recognition function

License Plate Recognition

  • Decrease operational costs by automating entry and exit procedures to grant access to and track usage habits via license plate recognition.
  • License plate recognition channel capability: 3 channels on the Professional model and 2 channels on the Standard model.
    *Contact Us for Availability
Image of Edge Vision AI vehicle counting function

Vehicle Counting

  • Get critical traffic flow information from set time periods.
    *Contact us for outdoor use hardware specifications
Image of Edge Vision AI direction detection function

Direction Detection

  • Get instant alerts to help curb illegal turns at intersections.
    *Contact us for outdoor use hardware specifications
Image of Edge Vision AI zone intrusion detection function

Zone Intrusion Detection

  • Increase traffic safety by getting instant alerts when vehicles enter crosswalks out of turn.
    *Contact us for outdoor use hardware specifications

Harsh Environments

Sensitive internal components are protected by the Edge Vision AI E-100’s rugged design. Operating in a range of temperatures, from -25° to 70°C, and the absence of any moving parts dramatically improve the lifespan and reliability of the system – making Edge Vision AI perfect for fleet vehicles.

Demographic/ People Dashboard

Demographic/ People Dashboard

Vehicle Dashboard

Vehicle Dashboard

People Counting Dashboard

People Counting Dashboard

At-a-Glance Statistical Dashboards
in Edge Vision AI E-100

Make Proactive Choices Based on Data

  • View and act on real-time event analytics.
  • Easily generate reports with meaningful data.
  • Increase operational efficiency and act on trends.

Edge Vision AI E-100 Adds Operational Value

The hardware and software in each AI Appliance is tested for compatibility and stability to give you the optimal combination of accuracy, performance, and efficiency. To go the extra mile, flexible hardware aftercare from service centers all over the world as well as first line tech support from Gorilla is included with each AI Appliance.

Cost Effective

Preloaded intelligent video analytics in each AI Appliance give you the optimal combination of cost performance and efficiency with Intel® CPUs and the OpenVINO™ toolkit.

Flexible & Scalable

From small operations to complex multi-sites, Gorilla’s AI Appliances are all-in-one system solutions.

Camera Support

Connect Gorilla’s AI Appliances to virtually any CCTV or IP based camera via RTSP, including ONVIF Profile S & PTZ compatibility with H.264 transcoding.

Easy Deployment

The Gorilla AI Institute offers courses on how clients can benefit from zero install time and quick setups with existing or new camera systems to ensure easy deployment.

Real-world Applications with Edge Vision AI E-100

Improved Space Management

Protect assets at each location while unlocking marketing and demographic data to maximize operational efficiency and output.

Proactive Vehicle Management

Understand and act on traffic data from each intersection. Ensure parking areas perform optimally.

Flexibility & Scalability

Easily deployed across entire organizations, expansion is as simple as connecting another AI Appliance to the system.

Data Security

Robust network security via HTTPS support keeps the entire fleet & system safe from malware and other threats.

Edge Vision AI E-100
ArchitectureFits Any System

Edge Vision AI E-100 works seamlessly in creating a system that can scale to your needs. From single sites with one AI Appliance to multiple locations with a mix of AI Appliances, and everything in between, enhanced public & commercial space management as well as transportation & parking management is now attainable.

Infographic of Edge Vision AI System. Infographic of Edge Vision AI System.

Edge Vision AI E-100 Hardware

Standard Pro Standard Plus Pro Plus
Max Video Analytic Channels 3 Channels 5 Channels 3 Channels 5 Channels
Preloaded Video Analytics Behavior & Vehicle Behavior & Vehicle Human, Behavior, & Vehicle Human, Behavior, & Vehicle
Identity Database Software NO NO BAP Preloaded BAP Preloaded
Processors Intel® i5-9500E Intel® i7-9700E Intel® i5-9500E Intel® i7-9700E
Memory 2x DDR4 2400/2666 SODIMM, Max. 64GB
Graphics Intel UHD Graphics 630
Ports 2x RJ45 GbE LAN, 2x DP, 1x DVI-I, 4x USB 3.2, Gen2, 6x USB 3.2 Gen1, 4x COM Ports, 8x DI, 8x DO
PCIe Slots 2x Full-size Mini PCIe
Storage 1x 128GB SSD, 1x 1TB HDD
Dimensions Height: 79.2mm, Width: 240mm, Depth: 261mm
Power AT, ATX 9~48 VDC
Operating Temperature -25°C ~ 70°C (35W CPU)
Relative Humidity 10% - 95% (Non-Condensing)
Regulatory CE,FCC Class A, E-Mark, EMC Conformity with EN 50155, EN 50121-3-2




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